At 01 Labs, we help formulate the creative direction and implementation to help elevate our clients in their design requirements. Our menu of services menu provide a full range for any size project you have. From pro-bono projects for non profit organizations to pre-production product interface simulation projects, we have you covered.

Creative Direction

Online and Offline

Whether you are marketing for print distribution, web, or something in between, we have the experience and capabilities to handle one or all of your campaign needs. With over 20 years of design and creative direction experience, there is no task to big to tackle. From annual reports, brochures and branding to websites and interactive media to video production and motion graphics, we are here to service you. In addition, our cross-media design approach helps to keep all end user results compatible with other media platforms.

Business Strategy

Web, Mobile, Social Media

Developing a well defined business plan is one thing, but proper execution is key to staying on track. We help you plan the best approach to take on the new contender in the marketing arsenal – social media marketing. We go beyond the meta tags on your website and “likes” on Facebook and help you create a blueprint to target the consumers you are really trying to connect with. In addition to our cross-media design approach, we assist in creating the business framework for your company to grow.

Web Development

Websites, Themes, CMS

The internet is here to stay but ways of accessing the internet and dealing with its information delivery have either evolved or have been left behind. With so many user variables to deal with, your business needs to keep up with technology, and we are here to help untangle you from its web. We help you be the ruler of your domain.

Video Production

Helping You to Grow Intelligently

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’ve accumulated over hundreds of thousands of striking and *literally* moving pictures for our clients. Our team will work hand in hand with you to storyboard and shoot your video, edit in post production and finally sweeten with audio and motion graphics. Previous projects include videos for Powerpoint presentations, DVD authoring and online product demonstration.